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For once, I read the Manga, actually infact, any Manga at all! I’ve read the very first Naruto book, but that was probably all I ever saw ( I was probably 6 years old, and I probably haven’t read it at all). I can tell there was allot more information in the Manga than the Anime, and I do mean allot. Yeah sure, there is allot of boring scenes but, there were some very good scenes too. I mean, you need to read the Manga ( If you haven’t) to some what understand the Anime. *Cough* There’s more perverted scenes in the Manga * Cough Cough* I mean what. So far, I’ve enjoyed reading the Manga.

Does who don’t know what Tokyo Ghoul Is. Tokyo Ghoul is a Japanese Animation / Manga, where there are ghouls who eat people to survive. ( Just watch the Anime Or the Manga, you’ll understand after reading/watching the first few episodes/Chapters) .

For those who’ve haven’t watched Tokyo Ghoul:

For those who watched the Entire Season. Season Two Confirmed:


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