-Day 9, Best Anime Villain, MUHAHAHA- -Mark’s Blog-

Finally day 9, the best Anime Villain. If you ever watched black bullet ever, you can see that, Hiruko Kagetane is my most favorite Villain. I think he’s a antihero, right? So why is he my most favorite Villain, well let me explain. His powers are awesome, his style is classy, and his personality is wicked. Its easily my favorite Villain. ( Don’t get me wrong, I also like Heros too). “Maximum Pain” one of the best moves in my opinion, from any Anime Character ever. ( I was about to post an animation of him using his ability but, I couldn’t find a GIF for it). ( SPOILERS ) Even though he gets beaten up the last time he fought with Rentaro, Its all good.

Heres a video of Hiruko VS Rentaro ( Contains Spoilers).

See you guys next time, Peace!

Where I watched Black: Bullet:http://animebaka.tv/anime/black_bullet/

Black Bullet First Episode : http://animebaka.tv/watch/black_bullet-episode-1/


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