-Day 5, Anime You’re Ashamed Of That You’v Enjoyed- – (30 Day Anime Challenge)- – Mark’s Blog-

Almost every single Anime I’ve watched, I was Ashamed of, but I enjoyed it, in a good way. So heres one show I really think fits in this topic. Bokura Wa Minna Kawaisou. I mean, this show has allot of Sexual Jokes in it and even allot of comedy, which I laughed allot at. Besides the Sexual Jokes and all that, I like the connection between Usa and Kawai. Also besides this one too, once you see all of the characters, all that you say is, what am I watching. One Masochist, one girl that gets her heart broken almost all the time, and even a touchy college student, yep, it sure sounds weird, but I enjoyed this show anyways! Yes I am a bit Ashamed, but I’ve enjoyed this show. ( seroiusly its a good show).

I aprove this anime, ( Must be Older than 13) ( Slice Of life, Comedy )

Well, that is all for now guys, Peace!

The Website: http://www.waoanime.tv/anime/bokura-wa-minna-kawaisou/



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