-Day 4, Favorite Female Anime Character Ever- – ( 30 Day Anime Challenge)- – Mark’s Blog-

This is also a very hard question. If I were to choose my favorite Female Character, it would be Touka, from Tokyo Ghoul. Sure theres Mikasa Ackerman, or Akame ( Attack On Titan and Akame Ga Kill), but still, Touka is probably my favorite Female Anime Character. So whats the difference between them? They all have the same personalities ( In a way), but there powers are, different. Sure Mikasa and Akame have pretty awesome weapons, but Touka has a Kagune ( A special ability that ghouls have). Including that, Touka is quite strong and can even beat up most of her enemies ( But Kaneki is Better), she is one of my favorite Female Characters.

( Me In My Thoughts ) Hmmm, which Female Character is quite awesome.

*Searching In My Anime List* Well I got notting! I’ll just choose Touka.

Well thats all for now guys, see you next time, Peace.

Learn A Word In Japanese:

Oyasuminasai: Good Night

I’ll try to find a way to get the pronunciation, but sorry for now, Peace.


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