– Akame Ga Kill, My Reaction To Their OPs/ Endings- -Mark’s Blog-

Akame Ga Kill, one of the good shows currently running so far. With that being said, here’s my reaction to the OPs ( Opening)/ Endings.

The First Opening, I didn’t understand much from watching this in the beginning, but later on, I understood a little bit of what it meant. This wasn’t one of my favorite Openings but I did think it was awesome.

The Second Opening, it gave me the chills when I first watched this Opening, you could see every character that was in this show, and if you look through this opening, the Jaegers and Night Raid look pretty similar, like Wave and Tatsumi, also Akame and Kurome. But overall, I loved the opening.

The First Ending, in almost every episode, I ask my self, whose going to die this time, and then I see this ending, yeah I said it, “this ending”. More seriously now; this song was “okay”.

The Second Ending, gosh this ending is so sad!!! Even though in this video, it only shows Akame and Kurome, but still, this song sounds quite saddening.

Heres the OPS/ Ending Songs:

Opening 1:

Opening 2:

Ending 1:

Ending 2:

That’s all for now guys, Peace!


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