-Day 2, 30 Day Anime Challange- Favorite Show You’ve Watched So Far- -Mark’s Blog-

Whats your Favorite Show you’ve watched so far? This is hard to say, since I love so much shows, but If I had to choose one, it would be… I CAN”T CHOOSE A BEST ONE!!! Sorry guys, but simply, there are a couple shows that I’ve always liked to watch. Instead, here’s my Top 8 Favorite Shows.

8: Black Butler ( And the entire Franchise )

7: Ao No Exorcist / Blue Exorcist

6: Naruto/ Shippuden

5: Black Bullet

4: Angel Beats! ( The Feels )

3: Toradora ( This is the only Anime in this list that doesn’t involve with fighting, well actually…)

2: SAO/ Sword Art Online ( And the entire Franchise )

1: Tokyo Ghoul

I’ll write a little bit for each Show, and why there one of my favorites.

Black Butler, this was one of the very first shows that got me back into watching Anime, including that it has a good yet sickening story to it; I’ll always enjoy how awesome Sebastian is. ( I’m not a FanGirl just saying). ( Also I’m a Male, just saying).

Ao No Exorcist, Despite how depressing this show begins and ends, I know I’ve seen some more depressing shows than this. Well forget that, I liked this show because of how funny it was and how great the story is. A devil’s spawn wanting to kill Satan, it makes me shiver on how Rin has to go kill his real father, and its also supposed to be a good thing ( Which I agree that Rin should kill Satan XD) . ( No I’m not Illuminati either, its just how the show goes, if that made any sense).

Naruto Shippuden, 5th time now, this was with me since my childhood, and I’ve been introduced from my older brother. Although I have noting to say about this show, its just been very entertaining for me to watch it, even today.

Black Bullet, a show where there are allot of monsters trying to kill you, and if you got bit from them, you’ll turn into one of them. There’s literately allot of deaths in this show that’s probably given me some nightmares or even make me paranoid, but most of all, there fighting scenes are kind of what brought me into watching the show. ( Also the story).

Angel Beats, I cri erri time ( Just kidding). Showing how people died an unfair life, and mainly living in some sort of purgatory area, its just sad. You later get to know how they all died and how they want to live forever in this world ( Since you can not die in that world). It was unknown where you would go if you disappeared. The only way to Vanish away, is to accept your death and live a happy life in that world. It makes me wonder where they’ll go? Maybe they’ll reincarnate, or relive there lives, but we will never know, I guess. ( The Feel though) …

Toradora, I currently just watched this show, and I loved it. Sure there was some very Dirty scenes in this show, but serouisly, every Anime is quite Dirty. I found this show to be very funny, and quite entertaining to watch, beginning to the end. “Don’t Sexually Harass my mother!” -Takasu Ryuuji . Surprisingly, that scene made me laugh so hard!

SAO, Getting trapped in a Virtual reality game, where there is no escape, unless you beat the final boss. If you died in game, you’ll die in real life. With the main Protagonist Kirito, he fights his way into beating the game, and freeing everyone who has played game. Besides this, Kirito and Asuna has always been one of my favorite couples I’ve ever seen, but when I saw SAO II, I wanted Kirito to get slapped. Why did I say that, well here’s why. On Kirito’s journey to GAO ( Gun Gale Online), he encounters a female gamer that has played GAO for a while. Her name was Sinon. Blah Blah Blah, later on, Kirto starts holding onto Sinon’s hand, hugging her, and even going so close to her, which makes me think, what about Asuna!? Oh well, I geuss Kirito Fought in SAO for Asuna and even at one point almost got himself killed, I guess its no big deal, HA HA HA! ( Kirito’s just a player).

Tokyo Ghoul, its number one on our list, what makes it so special? I really don’t know why, I just chose a bunch of shows that I really liked watching, and here’s why its one of my favorites. Kaneki Ken, the main character of this show, turns into half ghoul when he was in an incident with a female ghoul. When Kaneki was tricked and even half-dead from a fatal attack, since he basically got his organs bad cut into. But now lets talk about the show its self. This show is mainly serious, and including Kaneki gets his self hurt so many times and even stolen at one point, he still remains one of the most awesome person in the show. ( *COUGH COUGH* Episode 12 * COUGH* Was awesome *COUGH*).

Sorry for a very big blog post, and I probably have bad grammar in this post, but oh well. See you guys next Blog Post, Peace.

8: Black Butler: http://animebaka.tv/anime/kuroshitsuji

7: Ao No Exorcist / Blue Exorcist: http://animebaka.tv/anime/ao_no_exorcist/

6: Naruto/ Shippuden: http://animebaka.tv/anime/naruto:_shippuuden

5: Black Bullet: http://animebaka.tv/anime/black_bullet/

4: Angel Beats!: http://animebaka.tv/anime/angel_beats!/

3: Toradora: http://animebaka.tv/anime/toradora!

2: SAO/ Sword Art Online: http://animebaka.tv/anime/sword_art_online

1: Tokyo Ghoul: http://animebaka.tv/anime/tokyo_ghoul


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