-Off Topic Blog Post- – School Life- – Mark’s Blog-

Its so boring at school, even though in our classroom, we have computers, as our desks ( literally). We  do get to go and play video games and all such, but not every single game. ( Mostly Downloadable Games, such as Minecraft Or Combat Arms ). I would watch Anime all day, but seriously, its weird watching it right in front of your classmates ( Especially if it has some very,” you know what scenes”, *COUGH COUGH* Akame Ga Kill *COUGH*). The Main thing I like about school is, that you get to have gym ( For my school). But School life is alright ( but still, anime and video games)…. I’m an Otaku alright.

Well see you guys later, Peace.

( Ignore this random Blog Post, I was bored.)


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