-Improvements from Combat Arms- Now Basicly free!?- Mark’s Blog-

Combat Arms is a Free Game if you didn’t know yet, the Website is down . Its also a First Person Shooter. There was always a disadvantage against low leveled people or even non Pay to win players, there was the guns. Some of the guns granted very unfair advantages against others, and you mainly had to pay for the good guns, but now, you don’t have to pay any real life money at all! But you do still have that option for buying Nexon Currency in exchange for guns. Okay, so how do I get these guns for free? Once you get on Combat Arms, click on a server and enter a room. Then Go all the way to the top right corner and press “jobs”. There are many Jobs you can choose from, 90 Minute job for 10k NX ( 10,000 NX ) Coupon , 60 Minute Job for 5k NX ( 5,000 NX ) Coupon, or even 30 minute job for 3k NX ( 3,000 NX ) Coupon! ( Read the Job description on what you have to do, and not every single job will give you a Nexon Coupon). With all of this, you could buy a Grenade, a pistol, or even a knife for permanent, there’s also more! For me, I bought two Permanent Weapons, the Balisong Knife Perm, and the G18 Carbon Black Perm, I’m happy.  In total, it would probably be worth 15k ( 15,000 NX ). Even though your getting these items for free, you don’t get to keep the extra NX ( Or Nexon Currency). For example, I buy a G18 Carbon Black for Permanent and it costed 4,500 NX, and I had a coupon for 5000 NX, once I’ve used my 5000 NX coupon, I don’t get the 500 NX back.  I hope you guys get the point. One last thing, the Sell Back option is back, and now its improved! You can now sell back your worthless guns or even gear for way more money than before, and now you can sell GP items too ( not Rented Items).

Well that’s all for now guys, peace.

Combat Arms Website: http://combatarms.nexon.net/


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