-Toradora English Dubbed, or, English Subbed?- -Mark’s Blog-

I’m so very sorry for writing another Toradora post, but I just can’t stop watching it. So which is better Dubbed or Subbed? My opinion is Subbed and here’s why. In the English Subbed Toradora, the voice actors makes everything better, it matches the characters and the music fits well with them talking ( Mainly I like english Subbed is because Inko- chan sounds better, just kidding, but the voice actors are more better in expressing there voice, if that made sense)? Now lets talk about English Dubbed, they sound wonderful but, almost everything they say is different from what they say in the English subbed. Although it would make sense to change it a bit, because its for an English audience, but, there’s just something wrong ( you could criticize me on this one). So lets get on a different topic now, which is better with understanding the story, probably the English Dubbed ( if your main language is English ), but if you like hearing the Original Toradora Cast and you could read the subtitles, probably English Subbed for you. Through my experience of watching Toradora, I LOVED WATCHING ENGLISH SUBBED, WITH EVERY SINGLE EPISODE, episode 5-25.

This is mainly an Opinion, and this is just my suggestion to you guys, so I hope you guys enjoyed, if you haven’t seen Toradora,

English Subbed Toradora: http://animebaka.tv/watch/toradora!-episode-1/

English Dubbed Toradora: http://www.animebb.tv/toradora-episode-1


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