-November 1st, Looking Foward In Life- – Mark’s Blog-

Next year, I’m going to be a High School student, and this year, there’s going to be some Happy Holidays, so why not enjoy life until I’m still a young adult ( In a way, and I’m 14 ). Even though Halloween has gone by, its not one of my favorite things to do, but it does bring me some nostalgia. With Thanks Giving coming up and Christmas, there are only two things that comes to my mind, regrets and great memories. Maybe I’ll tell you guys a story about these memories, but besides this, its November 1st, I’m happy. One last thing, “Time flies by” and, “Everyone’s older now”, – My cousin .

Thanks for reading, please understand that I didn’t write a blog post today about Anime or Video Games, in a way its hard doing both, finding great shows to watch or evening finding great Video Games to play.

I’m trying to learn Japanese, even though I’m entirely new to even learn it, I’ll write down one word on every single blog post.

Learn One Word Everyday -Mark

Arigato  : Thank you


2 thoughts on “-November 1st, Looking Foward In Life- – Mark’s Blog-

  1. Ms. Wells would be proud about you learning Japanese. We get to learn something everyday. Keep at it and be sure to enjoy yourself while learning the flow of the language. Hmm, that gives me the idea of writing a French word every day on my blog.

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