– Combat Arms Legend,” -StiffTheNinja ” – – Mark’s Blog –

StiffTheNinja, hes been told to be the best for Combat Arms Quarantine Free Running, and even people on Combat Arms that I got Inspired from, adored StiffTheNinja. I agree that he’s a “legend” my self, I’ve played with him once in a quarantine game, and dang he was fast and his tactics were solid. His clan is also one of the best, almost as good as he his and even some better or the same as him, which surprises me. Even though some of his Clan Members are probably less known, there actually pretty MLG ( Major League Gaming ). So shout out to StiffTheNinja !

Combat Arms is Free To Play, Play today! Add me if you want, Combat_asian , imMisterYang .

Combat arms website: http://combatarms.nexon.net/

Heres a Video of him in a Montage:


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