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14 Year old kid Mark T. Yang Jr, which is me. I was born, September 26, 2000. As a kid I had notting to do or I had no one to play with ( a little bit even today ). All though I have one Brother and one Sister and even multiple friends. I love Video Games, it grew up with me in my childhood, even though I sucked really bad at it when I was a kid. I know that some may think that, I’m a lonely kid that only plays Video Games and watch Anime by my self, but that’s probably true, but yet its not. Think about it, you really don’t need friends to be happy, as long as you make yourself happy, its fine. As you can see, I LOVE ANIME! Anime isn’t like cartoons ( Unless if it is a cartoon), but over the past years of my life, Anime has always made me think, it made me thought about what I’ll learn over seeing this show or if, it can just give me a good laugh to remember about. But how did I pick up on watching Anime? I was first introduced from my Older Brother ( I wont be naming). I only watched Naruto and Bleach at first, but I didn’t care at all for the story, just the action. Later I forget all about Anime but picked up on watching it again until I was, 12 or 13? As I finally got introduced by myself to start watching Anime again, I find out the true meaning of any story of a show. For example, Soul Eater and Death Note ( Some Meaning into it), Angel Beats and also One Week Friends ( A whole lot of Meaning).

Besides Video Games and Anime:

I have so much homework to do at least everyday, and even a bunch of other things too. From going to apply to Ronald Reagan, to doing a school project ( A collage ). Wish me luck that I go to Reagan. 🙂 . And if your from Ronald Reagan Highschool, I give you a shout out for how awesome your school looks like!

Note to viewers who read my story, no I’m not at all lonely, I like Anime because it has “meaning” in it, and I play Video Games because it inspired me as a kid and it even made me do better things in my life ( “You can learn from video games, seriously, but if you do something wrong, you won’t learn anything all from playing them”. -Mark T. Yang). I also like playing sports and on my part time life for Summer, I help out my GrandParents at a Farmers Market.

Well, thanks for reading my Blog Post, Leave a comment or a like if you want, and if you want to follow my blog, I write About Anime And Video Games :D.

Soul Eater ( SuperNatural, Fighting, Comedy, Fantasy): http://animebaka.tv/anime/soul_eater

Death Note ( SuperNatural, Mystery, Police, Psychological, Thriller ) : http://animebaka.tv/anime/death_note/

One Week Friends ( Comedy, Slice Of Life, School ) :http://animebaka.tv/anime/isshuukan_friends./

Angel Beats ( I cri ery time, Just kidding, it dosen’t look so sad, but really, it is. ) ( Action, Comedy, Drama, Supernatural) : http://animebaka.tv/anime/angel_beats!/


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