-Toradora, Review , And My Thoughts On This Anime- The Finaly Post –

Ryuuji, a Second Year High School student, whose usually mistaken as “delinquent”, bumps into a stranger when he was in the hallway of his school. With Bumping into each other, people had the wrong intention that the stranger Aisaka Taiga and Ryuuji Takasu were going to fight, and with that being said, Ryuuji gets punched in the face by Aisaka Taiga, the Palmtop Tiger. This is the beginning of Ryuuji and Aisaka’s story.

My Final thoughts about Toradora, this show is truly beautiful without a doubt, with a story that really has good drama into it, a great Slice Of Life, And most of all, the Comedy. Of course there is another Genre in this show, but you’ll just need to find it.

Where I watch Toradora: http://animebaka.tv/anime/toradora!

Toradora Episode 1: http://animebaka.tv/watch/toradora!-episode-1/

I approve this anime. -Mark T. Yang


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