-Toradora, Episode 25 Review-_-Mark’s Blog- ( Spoilers )

Ryuuji and Taiga were friends at first, helping each other out with there love life problems; but in the end, they end up loving each other. Like I said earlier, I was really hoping for Ryuuji and Minori to date each other, for all that they did, but I guess this ending is good enough. I’ll have this conversation for next time ( I promise ). When Ryuuji and Taiga ran away and went to a bridge, there it was, the confession ( Kind of ). As Ryuuji falls down into the cold, cold water, Ryuuji tells Taiga, “Mary Me”, but, Taiga jumps off the bridge, and lands on Ryuuji, before he could what ever he was going to say. “I Lov..” -Taiga And Ryuuji. Then Ryuuji had a phone call. ( This was on Episode 24, I think). Since they both left there houses and they Went to Ryuuji’s grandparents house, they stayed there for a while. ( Now on Episode 25 ) When Ryuuji talks about   what they would do in the future, Taiga puts the blanket on her head and pretends its a veil. Then  Ryuuji, goes in for a kiss. “It was like a rough, dry wilderness. Also, it was really, really warm…” — Taiga Aisaka. “Hey, it’s cold, so let’s do it one… -Taiga Aisaka. I loved this scene so much, and even other scenes in this anime!

That’s it guys, but here’s some extra things that I have to say.

To everyone, to whom that may be reading my blog post, I love this show, not just because it was funny, but because the story had meaning. I don’t see Animes like this now and days, where the show mainly has that one thing to it, “Meaning”.

The Kiss Scene:



One thought on “-Toradora, Episode 25 Review-_-Mark’s Blog- ( Spoilers )

  1. You got it – there’s a lot of depth to Toradora, much more than you’d expect from the beginning. Add to that all the wonderful style, characters, etc. from the series, and you have a wonderful, wonderful show.

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