-Toradora, Episode 24 Reveiw- – I Feel Like Crying- -Spoilers-

Happiness is what I thought for episode 1, but now, all I feel is just pure sadness. Ryuuji, I though he loved Miniori, and all that he did was for noting now? I don’t know guys, I’m quite depressed over the fact that Ryuuji said, “I love Taiga”, and even when he was going to confess to Taiga under a bridge, “I lov”. well lets get to the review. I would truly say, I’m dissappointed, I did want to some love action and all that, but not like this. It was very pretty obvious that Taiga liked Ryuuji, but Ryuuji liking Taiga, that shocked me. When Ryuuji and Miniori went chasing for Taiga, I knew something was up. Then Miniori at one point, admited that she “loved Ryuuji, and I thought to my self; well, allot of things. Later and later in that part of the episode, I was enraged by the fact that, Ryuuji’s mom was mad at him for what, telling him that he shouldn’t get a job, and he should be studying, even though his mom feinted and couldn’t work, that’s why Ryuuji took her place! In Episode 1, I always thought Ryuuji’s mom was okay and a good mother, but now, she is just a bunch of things for complaining, even if Ryuuji broke a promise, it was the right thing to do. Now Ryuuji wants to run away from home and marry Taiga, now once again, what about Miniori… Wish me good luck guys, I’m going to watch the last episode of Toradora… It better be good.



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