– Mark’s Stories, I Applied to a Highschool, Ronald Reagan-

Ronald Reagan was a Highschool that I really adored. I’ve heard and seen how good that school is. My brother used to attend there and even my cousin is in Reagan. They have one of the best MPS ( Milwaukee Public School) Highschools there is. I’ve always seen my brother do his homework and even played sports. For crying out loud, he was the number one spot for his Highschool Tennis team. If I do join Reagan, I’m either joining Tennis or BasketBall, or both, which ever comes first, if I get accepted that is. So lets get to my story. Yesterday evening, I got out of school and I had to finish my homework; and there it hit me, its Ronald Reagan’s Essay today! ( Where I have to apply, in order to join Ronald Reagan). I waited and waited for my dad to get home, and as soon as he got home, I went into my dads car, thinking what I’ll be doing at that school. Walking slowly inside Ronald Reagan, being greeted by a bunch of students that go there or even teachers telling me where to go. Talking to a man who helped me out on my journey for the test. As I walked a little bit forward, then took a right, there was students telling me directions where to go. So as I was told I walked up some stairs, seeing more students, but this time, they were telling me “good luck on your test”! With great confidence, I walked forward once again, looking at my card that I was given, room 309. There was either a student or teacher at the door, I was confused at first. She put out her hand, I thought it was supposed to be a handshake, but really, she needed the card that I had in my hand. So I gave her the card back. Walking into the room, where almost everyone was looking at me, I was scared. I never seen any of there faces before, they were all new to me. I sat down in a desk, nearest to the door, but, someone was sitting right in front of me. Nervous as I was, I looked down at a cabinet, being scared to even look forward at anyone that was near me. Boys and Girls, all around me, we were still expecting a couple more people. Finally, the last two people came into the room, then we given a sheet of paper. It looked like a pretty simple test to me, asking me casual questions like, do you have siblings here in reagan or,  what grade are you going to be attending, when you join Reagan. Feeling only a little bit of nausea, I finished the questions. Next, I had to do an essay, I couldn’t remember the other question, but I chose one that said, What do you like and dislike with teachers and students? The pressure was on, the Teacher saying that we only get 45 minutes, and off we went, to writing our essay. Writing and writing, I feel like I wasn’t writing enough, and with the reminder that we only get 45 minutes, it made me hurry up the process. “15 minutes left”! The teacher said. Finally I was finished, feeling even more sick, and even a little bit dizzy for looking down on a sheet of paper for as long as 40 minutes. I walked, to the teacher, handing over the sheet of paper. Then I walked outside that door, seeing someone I knew from my MiddleSchool. Then I walked down the stairs, one again hearing the students telling us such positive words, ” hope you make it”. Going down the stairs, I waited for my family to pick me up. Then I went home, and watched Anime for 2 Hours straight, hopefully I get accept to Reagan.

“Thank you” -Mark Yang.


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