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I just started watching this show, and boy is it funny! A show that was created in 2008; which feels like it was made in 2014. So, I don’t remember there names but I think Ryuuji and Taiga right? Ruuyji, the main charachter of this anime, shows the life of Ryuuji and his what so adventure of, just life. Ruuji is a highschool student that lives with his mom. People Mistaken Ryuuji as if he was a bad person, but really, hes a good guy. Later, at school he accidentally bumps into a highschool girl, from which they  call her, Tiger. Seconds later from bumping into each other, Ryuuji gets punched, from that girl. Later in that day, Ryuuji forget his bag, and went to the classroom where he left it. With seeing Taiga ( Tiger) coming out of a locker ( with the room all messed up somehow), she tries to prevent Ryuuji from grabbing his own bag. Apparently there was two bags, and Taiga mistaken one of the bags to belong to somebody else . Well I’m done talking about this, but I heard that this show was quite funny and there was to be even some love Scenes in it ( Hoping to see it, cause I’m a sucker for Romance Animes, I truly am ). From watching the past 3 episodes so far, I found every single episode to be meaningful and even quite funny.

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Where I watch my Anime from : http://animebaka.tv/

Where I watched Toradora: http://animebaka.tv/anime/toradora!

Episode 1: http://animebaka.tv/watch/toradora!-episode-1/


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