-Magic Kaito, Episode 3- -Spoilers-

What other Illusions will Kid Kaito Pull today, well lets find out with this blog post. With Kaito knowing about the Legendary Que Stick, he goes to a bar where he’ll find the person, currently having the Cue. And there’s Aoko in the bar; she got drunk, wouldn’t suprise me when you take someone to a bar, telling them it’ll be okay if drink this, and then leave her while you go seek out for the legendary Que stick.  Pretty much what happened, some random guy interrupts Kaito when he was playing a game of Pool, and with the stranger bothering Kaito, he mentions about a Que stick that is fit for a “Legend”, there is supposed to be diamonds and even emeralds on that Que stick. As it was mentioned, it used to be owned by Jii, but he lost it from a bet from a Hustler. Jii lost the game, but the Hustler won it unfairly. With that said, Kaito goes to the bar, where the Hustler plays pool, so he can win back the Que Stick. Well that is all really, can’t wait for episode 4! ( If you know when they release there episodes, please comment it down for me.)

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Where I watch Magic Kaito: http://animebaka.tv/anime/magic_kaito_1412/



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