-Magic Kaito 1412, Episode 2- -Spoilers-

Kaito, you did it again; making everyone wonder how you used your trickery of magic. In the beginning of the 2nd Episode, I still think Kaito is a Pervert ( and you would probably know why, if you seen episode one) but what Kaito did for Aoko, is just sad, but in a good way. I know I haven’t done a review for episodes for Anime, but I will probably start doing them, right about now. So lets get back to the Second Episode. Kaito Is just a huge master mind, stealing items from famous buildings, and then escaping from building like its noting. I sure was shocked when I saw Kaito getting shot, and I even thought to my self, hes probably going to live ( Cause its Anime ), just like Eren Yeager when he got eaten by a Titan ( Diffrent Anime, Attack On Titan). But I want to see some Kaito and Aoko moments in this Anime. It hurts me to just watch the show if they don’t, at least do something together ( No, don’t think dirty guys, I mean this in like, they date or something.) But this is all I got for Today Guys. Hey, its just Kid Kaito stealing your jewels ( again), and how many times did Kaito steal from them with a fully protected building with at least 15 guards inside and outside where people even fly helicopters in the air, just to catch this guy. Oh yeah it was like 5 times ( As Kaito said in the anime I think, like 5 times)?

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PS. If you have any suggestions on what animes for me to watch. Comment them down onto the comments.

My suggestions:

Akame Ga Kill ( 13 And up, Gore, SuperNatural, Action, Fantasy, Adventure.)

Tokyo Ghoul ( 13 And up, Action, Drama, Horror, Mystery, Psychological, Supernatural.)


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