-Hey Guys, I Got Some Good News ( If you like video games)- _- Also A video of my playing Roblox ( And A Special Geust ).

I will probably be uploading myself playing video games, and the two main games I’ll be playing are, Roblox and Combat arms. Until I learn how to record on my computer, I’ll probably do other games such as, Minecraft and ETC. If you ever see me play video games, I will play like a very fast gamer, constantly touching the keyboard and what not ( Mainly A, S, D, W, and even moving the mouse allot). Since I write mainly about Anime here and there, I’ll catch up for Video Games, by posting videos of me playing the games I really like.

Today’s Special Guest is; KaityKatPringle, or a person that goes to my school from who I must no name, but check out her Blog, ( http://0207kaitlinw.wordpress.com/ )

Thanks for watching. It would be apreciative if you guys could Leave a Like, comment, or even follow my Blog if you like seeing this kind of content.


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