– I Can’t Even Wait For Tokyo Ghoul Season 2- (- Mark’s Blog -)

Me right now,( I can’t wait for TOKYO GHOUL SEASON TWO!!!!!!! ). Its going to be a month until it is released, and thats a very long time ( For me that is). There were only 12 episodes for this anime and I surely enjoyed all of the episodes but I want to see what kaneki becomes, a ghoul, a human, or still neither of them. Well until this day, I will be waiting for Season two for Tokyo Ghoul.

Also waiting for a Season Two Anime ( If they decide to make them) :

Bokura Wa Minna kawaisou

Black Bullet

Tokyo Ghoul

Isshuukan Friends/ One week friends.


The website where I got my information for Season Two: ( http://animebaka.tv/anime/tokyo_ghoul_2 ) Well that is all guys, I might playing with a friend of mines ( Who I must not name ), and I’ll try to record it, and she will too, why not go check out her blog ( bloghttp://0207kaitlinw.wordpress.com/ )

Leave a like, comment, or even follow if you like reading my blog, see you next time, Peace.


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