-Todays Anime Review, Hajime No Ippo-

Ippo, the main character of this anime, is a regular high school kid who cannot fight for himself, and he would eventually get bullied. After getting punched and all messed up from bullies, a mysterious person comes to save Ippo. After Ippo wakes up from getting beaten by bullies, he notices he’s inside a gym where people are using punching bags, and even people fighting in the ring. After Ippo seeing that, he wants to become a boxer.

Hey guys, sorry that I didn’t  write a blog post in like, 2-3 days? I only watched the first episode of “hajime no Ippo” and I’m to busy watching Hunter X Hunter, One Piece, Akame Ga KIll and a bunch of animes. ( Waiting for Tokyo Ghoul season 2 😀 )

Got any Anime suggestions to write about or to even watch, tell me them in the comments! Like, comment, or follow if haven’t already.


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