-TodaysTopic, My Runescape Story/ Video Games- – And the Runescape TimeLine…-

Sorry, I haven’t been writing much for video games and I’m sorry again because this is only a story. 2007, my brother showed me a game that was called Runescape and I was so interested in watching him. He mainly played with his friends that were in the game, and he usually used some sort of magic wand or a sword. Trust me this game was fun and it has allot of story to it. When I kept on bothering my brother, he made me an account. I was considered a newbie for video games, I sucked at playing the game, but I improve. I kept playing and playing to get my skills up, and play until it was nighttime. I occasionally played on my brothers account, his skills where more better than my account, he could literally kill my game character almost instantly. Changes happen to runescape, E.O.C, I didn’t know at all what it meant and I knew when I got onto runescape, everything changed. The game isn’t what it was before, everyone Is raging that the game is horrible now, less and less people are playing, runescape is about to die off. I had my times on runescape, it was what I did most of the time on the internet, so was my brother. The day I quit, 2013. The memories will always stay in my heart, and I know others will too. It may feel like an actual game now, but back then, it was everything.

So heres a video from the youtuber Silentc0re. Oh yeah let me mention to you guys some scary thing about runescape. 6/6/06 the Falador Massacre, the day the infamous killer Durial killed allot of players inside the game and people panicing from that day, even the Helpers of Runescape are denying it happened ( from what I heard. ) People dieing in real life, two youtubers known to play runescape, fatwrecked, died of a heart attack, and The Old Nite, dies R.I.P. Well heres the video.


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