-HunterXHunter, Review-

A story about the main protagonist and main characters, Gon, Lerio, Kurapika, and Killua. The story first starts out with the Protagonist Gon, and he wants to become a Hunter just like his dad, but unfortunately, its really hard to be a hunter. With his Mother in the way, telling him that it was hard to become a Hunter and that he might die, Gon still wants to become a Hunter. Carelessly, he goes on a boat to go tryout the Hunter Exam. Well that is really it for the first episode, each episode gets better and better but I’m only on episode 6. If you have ever seen One Piece, you can say its similar to HunterXHunter.

Well that is all for now guys, Hope you enjoyed this review. There are allot more details in the Anime, than me explaining to you guys how it is. Oh yeah, here’s a Video.


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