-Magic Kaito 1412, Review-

Hey you guys out there in the world; today I’m going to be reviewing this one magical magician Anime. Kaito Kuroba, a kid that likes to do magic tricks and all that, until one day he accidentally finds a secret room that involves with being a magician. There’s been a robbery that’s been said on the news, and the robber was going by the name of ” Kid Kaito”, the ” Phantom Theif”. After Kaito Kuroba was told that “Kid Kaito” was more better than him, Kaito Kuroba went to go find “Kid Kaito. Whoa there, it didn’t go in order that well, and I didn’t write much detail about the first Episode ( If you Watched it already ), I didn’t want to spoil it all for you guys. I’m probably going to be watching Magic Kaito, well until there episodes come up every week, which I hate waiting ( And that goes for all of the Anime too, no pressure ).

Well that is all for today guys, this is only a review. I like to keep things short and simple, and hey, if you want to watch Anime from a website that has almost everything in it, here it is!

Anime Website: http://animebaka.tv/

Magic Kaito 1412 Episode 1 : http://animebaka.tv/watch/magic_kaito_1412-episode-1/


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