-Today’s Anime Review, Barakamon-

Barakamon, oh boy I have allot to talk about for this one. A story about a Japanese Calligrapher that travels to an Island where he has to stay since he punched an old person in the face. This Show is quite funny and it has a good story to it. With all of his time there, he practices Calligraphy, creates Calligraphy, and even becomes friends with people around that island. Well that is all I will review, I guess I will explain to you guys why I like it. It is funny, unlike most Animes, they just take it to far, but this one has to be one of the best comedy’s I’ve ever seen. Now, I really like how much effort he takes in the Show, his passion and his thoughts about Calligraphy. He might just write any ordinary words but he writes them with passion. This may seem kid-ish but trust me its not, there are quite a few anime/manga references in the show, and they even say things that sound quite dirty ( If you know what I’m talking about ). But seriously, some things the people say in this show are just awe inspiring.

Haven’t watched it? Here’s the Opening song, hopefully you can get a feel for what it is.


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