-Anime Review Time- -We Review Black Butler Book Of Circus-

I Just watched this Anime today and it makes me excited to see a third arc of the series. ( Warning Spoilers are going to happen if you haven’t seen Black Butler First, and Black Butler II). I thought Ciel was a demon and now Sebastian was his butler forever for the rest of his life, what happened! Now Ciel looks like the same old Ciel from Black Butler ( First ), I thought he would turn out to be evil and all such, but like I said he looks normal. With that aside, I also question why they even have to start off the series with a circus case. ( By the way I’m on episode 3, so I haven’t watched it that much). Besides all of this, I really think Black Butler looks a little bit cooler. There Opening song is Amazing, and the second episode is so Awesome. I mean the second episode literally shows Sebastian being the devilish butler he is, grabbing all 10 knifes that are thrown at him, not getting hit from a lion tamer, and even petting a tiger! ( But he got bit 😀 ). Note to you guys that I’m not like a fan girl that loves Sebastion, he’s just ” One Hell of a Butler” . ( If you got the Reference). This Anime Series shows Promise!

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5 thoughts on “-Anime Review Time- -We Review Black Butler Book Of Circus-

  1. This series is a continuation of the original storyline from the manga. I believe it starts after the curry arc in the first season. The second season and episode 16 on of the first season is original content created for the anime. I hoped that helped you understand the season a bit more.


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