-Story of how I got inspired to watch Anime and how it inspired me- -ETC-

Sorry, no anime reviews or anything new added the my Anime List. Vist my blog if you don’t understand what I’m talking about. 2007, I can’t remember much from that year, but I remember seeing my brother watching a show on the Tv named Naruto ( On Cartoon Network, and I’m not talking about Naruto Shippuden.) I was only into watching regular old cartoons on the TV. There was usually no violence nor were there any story to most of the things I had ever watched. So my brother introduced me into Naruto, and suddenly I started Watching it. I didn’t even know it was even Anime nor did I know what it was ( Japanese Animation ), and you could laugh at me for not even knowing what it was back then. Naruto was the main character of the story, as you can see from what there title is, and his goal is to become hokage of his village. For example, you have to be chosen to be a leader of that village. After watching Naruto for a while, you can tell being Hokage is really hard, it goes beyond any single being to just be hokage, even when people have special powers and all such. But I really didn’t watch Naruto for its story ( I really think its a good story now that I see it ), but what I did like was the fighting and action in it. 2012, I was back to watching old cartoons on TV until I was on my computer, staring at this word that says, “Anime”. There was many shows for me to choose from, Romance, Fighting, Slice of life, ETC, I really liked all of it ( Except a few categorizes that I can’t watch since I’m only 14, and I bet your wondering how do you know that. Don’t ask. )  When I started to watch so many anime during that year 2012-2014, I was really interested into watching anime, they sometimes give you a good story that actually has meaning to it, and even it could be inspirational some of the times. Its just Wonderful watching it, even when there is violence in it, they still teach a valuable lesson to me, there words. Yes I know that it is fake and some could really never happen, but that’s not the point. The point is to learn what is right and what is wrong from a story you watch and see.

Well that is all guys, hope you enjoyed, and Peace out!

Got Any Anime Suggestions? Leave Down A comment for me to Watch, I like, Romance, Super Natural, Fighting, Good story’s , and Slice Of Life.


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