( Today’s Topic, Anime) ( We Talk About, Tokyo Ghoul Season Two ) ( Spoilers if you didn’t watch it )

The “Hype” is up, hopefully this anime season brings up its game. The show is what I’ve been watching most of my anime time. Since Kaneki literally tortured the heck out of “Jason” I was happy as heck when he did. Now Kaneki has white hair and he looks 100 times more cooler. When Kaneki was captured from the Aogiri Tree and tortured from “Jason” It makes me say to my self, what am I watching! It was so Gruesome to watch Kaneki getting his self hurt, there was so much blood and even two people getting killed in front of Kaneki! But it was all worth it when he turned into possibly a “ghoul” and ate the heck out of that guy. My Favorite Ending of all time, all of it was so scary to watch at first and frustrating to even see him getting his self injected with a bunch of needles, and even him just getting hurt in general. Then Kaneki’s hair turns white and turns into a ghoul, and whoops the heck out of Jason. So awesome! So the Anime’s second season will come out and I am wondering what will happen in the second season! The Second Season was said to be near January.

Want to Rewatch the Fighting Scene? here it is


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