Video Games List

Hello Guys, Enjoy my Video Game list!

More Is to be added Later, Sorry but here’s my Video Games List!

Video Games List And Reactions:

1. Combat Arms: A Free to play Shooting game where you can choose so many game modes you can play from and many maps that you can shoot on. You can choose from playing , Elimination, Elimination Pro, Quarantine Regen, Fire Team, and even allot more at ( )

2. Roblox: A Free To play Video Game where you can either choose to build your own world or even join others. In the Roblox games, you can choose allot of cool games such as, Zombie apocalypse, Obstacle Run, and even more. There Website ( There Games ( )

3. Runescape: a Game where you can level up your skills and become a very good PVM ( Player Vs Monsters) PVPer ( Player Versus Player ) or even become good at helping others, but guess what, you can become ever single one of them if you liked. There are what you call it skills, such as strength, attack, defence, mage, range, mining, fishing, crafting, and allot more other skills that I can’t really remember! A Free to play game! Its really a nice game once you get to play it! The Runescape Website ( )

4. Minecraft: A Game where you can either mine build or even dominate any evil beings out there in the game, and yes that means you creeper ( A creeper is a green monster that can blow up similar to a TNT ). Although, I do think Minecraft is for only people that enjoy the game, because I play the game and it is fun and all, but sometimes it isn’t. You do need to pay for Minecraft and including that it costs 27 US $, it was a fun game to me! If you want to see the Minecraft website ( )

5. Street Fighter 4: An Xbox / Ps3/4  game where there are 40 characters and up to choose from to punch, kick , or even Hadouken your way through victory! I really enjoy playing this game, you can do combos and even try to do new things and learn new strategies to attack your opponents. I overall enjoy watching others play this game, including the older versions of street fighter Such as, Street fighter 3 Third Strike. ( No Website )

6. Uber Strike: Another Free To Play shooting game where its usually different than other games. I really don’t like Uber Strike that much, but you should try it any ways. You can shoot as much as you want in the game, without reloading your gun. You do have ammo for your gun and it could run out at any time, but you can literally  shoot as much as you want really. The game could be over powered from people buying guns that can kill you in one hit or swords that can do the same. There is also armour where you can be like a god, and no one would hurt you that much ( But you will still die if shot many times). This is really why I don’t like playing Uber Strike, but it wouldn’t kill you to try it out anyways. ( )

7. Garry’s Mod: I have never played this game ever, but I have seen people play it before! This game is full of many things you can do in it. Either you can play what people make such as the following famous creations, Trouble in terrorist town ( OR TTT for short), Death run, and etc. Besides from that, you can create things in your own world or even more stuff. You can choose a map or even create your own, you decide. Well heres the website ( Its not free) ( )

8. Dragon Nest: A Free To Play Video Game where you could choose from multiple types of characters and use it to kill monsters! If your into a story typed video game, then try out this game, Dragon Nest! There Website ( )

9. Team Fortress 2 : A Free To Play Shooting Game where your objective is to shoot down your opponent  ( Simple Enough ). Either you want to play with humans or even robots ( Literately robots ), that’s on you to decide. Try out this game, it is free to play! ( )

10. Clash of Clans : This game is really fun, I’ve seen other people play it before and its also free. A Game where you have to build your self a base, and protect it from people destroying it. You could buy warriors so you can go to war with people and steal what ever items that they have! This is a Ipod/ Iphone, Ipad app!

Well Thats it, More will be adder later!




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