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My Anime List

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The Website where I watch my Animes:

Pg 1: Anime’s I have watched

Pg 2 : My Thoughts And Reactions to Anime

Pg 3: ( Going to be Added later, My Finished Animes )

Pg 4 ( Going to be Added later, My most favorite Top 10 Animes )


Pg 1:

1. Sword Art Online/ Sword Art Online II/ SAO ( 13 and up, Fighting )

2. Black butler/ Black Butler II/ Black Butler ( 13 and up, Fighting, Supernatural )

3. Naruto ( Any age, Fighting, SuperNatural )

4. Black Bullet ( 13 and up, Gore, Fighting, Science Fiction, SuperNatural)

5. Tokyo Ghoul ( 13 and up, Gore, SuperNatural )

6. One Piece ( 13 and up, Fighting, Super Natural, Science Fiction )

7. Akame Ga Kill ( 13 and up, Gore, Fighting, Science Fiction )

8.  Ao Haru Ride ( Any Age, Romance, Slice Of Life )

9. Ao No Exorcist/ Blue Exorcist ( 13 and up, Fighting, SuperNatural )

10. K ( 13 and up, Fighting )

11. Bokura Wa Minna Kawisou/ The Kawai complex guide to manors and hostel behavior ( 13 and up, Slice Of Life )

12. Say “I Love You” ( Any Age, Romance, Slice Of Life )

13.  Isshuukan Friends/ One Week FriendsTachibana ( Any Age, Slice Of Life)

14. Angel Beats ( 13 and up, Super Natural )

15. Kenichi The Worlds Strongest Disciple ( 13 and up, Super Natural, Fighting )

16. Death Note ( 13 and up Super Natural )

17.  Attack On Titan ( 13 and up, Super Natural, Science Fiction, Fighting, Gore )

18. Viewtiful Joe ( Any Age, Super Natural, Fighting )

19. Love, Chunibyo And Other Delusions ( 13 and up, Slice of life )

20. Hourou Musko/ Wandering Son ( 13 and up, Slice of life )

21. Inu X Boku Secret Service ( 13 and up, Super Natural )



Pg 2, My Reactions and thoughts about the Anime:

1. Sword Art Online: When I first saw this, I thought it was starting a very good beginning and that I thought it was very awesome to watch. ( I recommend watching this.)

2. Black Butler: A story that starts out with the main character Ciel Phantomhive, struggles through many things such as, keeping his business alive, and even keeping his self alive from dieing. Did I mention that he has a demon Butler that’s trying to eat soul when he dies, well I’m not going to spoil this anime for you! ( I recommend watching this)

3. Naruto: A show that shows about a boy name Naruto Uzumaki, who wants to become Hokage of his village, the hidden leaf village. Although he is still just a boy in the beginning and he is not that good at fighting, he becomes allot more stronger through out the series of the anime and really dominates like true ninja of the leaf. You got to watch the anime to understand what I’m saying. ( I recommend watching this)

4. Black Bullet: Although some scenes in this anime is quite gruesome and some inappropriate in a couple of them, but I still have to say that it puts a tear onto my eye when seeing this show, so many people die and so many people fight to protect everyone against what they call it Gastrea. ( I recommend watching this)

5. Tokyo Ghoul: A show where there are the “ghouls” and they have to eat humans in order to live, I find watching this show is a bit scary, since they show allot of blood and even body parts, at least in every single episode. Trust me guys, you’ll get used to watching it! ( I recommend watching this)

6. One Piece: A show about the main Character Monkey D. Luffy, or just Luffy, goes to the sea to become the best of best and he tries to go out there to claim the title of, King Of The Pirates. Luffy’s body is made of rubber and he can even stretch anything in his body to hit his opponents. ( If Like Animes with allot of eppisodes, I recommend watching this. 600 episodes and counting. )

7. Akame Ga Kill: Tatsumi, the main character in this story, tries to join the empire army in order to get money for his village, but when he was in the town where the empire army was nearby, he comes to find a girl asking him if he needs help. So Tatsumi went to go with her since he didn’t know the town nor did he know how to join the Army. Later when he enters the girls house at night, it had a couple people inside there. A group of assassins named Night raid, comes in and kills everyone inside there, expect the girl. Tatsumi was a talanted swordsman and he tries to help out the girl, until a woman named Akame, tells him that the Empire army is evil and that they like killing people. Then Tatsumi sees a room filled with dead people, including two people that he knew inside the village he grew up in, with out a doubt, the empire army was evil. ( I recommend watching this, sorry if it was to much. )

8. Ao Haru Ride: To many spoilers would happen if I explained about this anime, but all that I can say is that it has a very sad and happy story into it. I really would watch this if your into ” Slice of life”.

9. Ao No Exorcist/ Blue Exorcist: To many spoilers on this one if I explained it, a show about exorcist that kills demons and that goes for killing the most evilest person in there human world, Satan the devil.

10. K: I liked this anime its just that, there is nudity in it but just not show you there parts ( if you know what I’m talking about, Hopefully! ) A Highschool boy named Yashiro Isana, or that they call them by his nick name, “Shiro”, is framed for killing someone and now people are going to try to kill him, even people who are not such good people ( To be honest they usually aren’t all good people ).

11. Bokura Wa Minna Kawisou/ The Kawai complex guide to manors and hostel behavior: An anime about a regular boy named Usa is attending to a highschool where he has to go to. He later has to find a place or building to live in, so he tried looking at the Kawai Complex. As he meets a man that is very weird near his school, he talks to him but later walks away because a cop was called to talk to that man. At his school Usa notices a girl who he thinks is his type, and that he also says, “I want to spend my time in Peace and quite”. Going back to the Kawai Complex part, as he didn’t like how he had to live in with that weird man that he saw, Usa tries leaving out of the door until he notices a girl, the girl that he noticed before. Sorry no more spoilers, this is a good anime if your into Slice of life types.

12. Say “I Love You” : Please notice that I am guy writing all this, but really I do enjoy watching this type of stuff, well lets talk about it. If I wrote this I would be giving you guys some spoilers. If your into romance, I believe this is an Ok Anime to watch. ( “OK” )

13. Isshuukan Friends/ One Week Friends: Oh my, I really liked this anime allot. A show that revolves around the main character of the story, Hase and a girl named Kaori. Watch the first episode of this, you’ll most likely watch the entire season of it.

14. Angel Beats: A place where people cannot die, people who are all immortal, and even fake people!? There is really allot more information if you watch the first episode of this anime.

15. Kenichi The Worlds Strongest Disciple: A show about the main protaganist of the story, Kenichi. Kenichi is a regular highschool student that would walk to his school. Kenichi was known for being weak and all sorts of things. One day Kenichi encounters someone getting hurt from a bunch of regular old thugs, until one girl uses martial arts to fight all the thugs in ease. Sorry guys, to many spoilers again, just watch the first episode of it. ( Trust me, first episodes mean everything to me ).

16. Death Note: Light Yagami, a Highschool student that lives in japan, but he notices a book on the floor. The cover read, Death Note, so he picked up the notebook and read what was inside it, “The Human whose name is written in this note shall die.” I personally watched the entire season of the anime, and it was OK, but it does get boring after a while.

17. Attack On Titan: Only 6 words,  Walls, deaths, and man eating Titans. This show has allot of gore and scary scenes in it, if your not up to watching something scary, Don’t watch it. Its not at all that scary but I did like watching people flying in the air jumping from buildings and then killing those evil beings, Titans.

18. Viewtiful Joe: I hate / like this anime, here is why I say this. I like how the person that is named Joe and Silvia get stuck into a movie ( Litterly they get sucked into a movie and they can’t get out. ) The anime gets good and that it sticks with English talking instead of people Talking Japanese ( English talking= English dubbed , Japanese talking with English Subtitles = English Subbed ). Then in the second season of Viewtiful joe, they all talk in japanese! Its not that for the reason I’m mad, I’m mad because they keep talking so annoying when ever they transform, it was ok the first time for Viewtiful Joe! Well its ok to watch and all but, I really don’t recomend watching the second season, unless you do.

19. Love, Chunibyo And Other Delusions: One boy and one girl, they’re both crazy at first. They both believed in being some weird thingy a me jig, I don’t know, but the boy finally came to his senses and quits talking about it, while the girl on another hand, just doesn’t get it. Well if your into watching something quite weird and a bit funny anime, watch it. ( Its ok )

20. Hourou Musko/ Wandering Son: I love this one! A boy who wants to become a girl, but hes a boy. People think that he is into his same gender, and that he also likes this girl that looks similarly to a boy. The boy sometimes wears a wig and some clothing to look feminine, and he does allot more kinds of things. Its an anime that you should watch, its sad to even watch but really though, I loved the idea and creativity they putted into this one show. ( Note I am a Guy (Male), I really like shows that are quite creative. )

21. Inu X Boku Secret Service: Haven’t seen this anime in a while so I wont be talking about this one.


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