( Today’s Topic, Stories and I’m to busy!? ) ( Warning, this story may be scary to veiwers)

I find this story to be quite scary and very frighting in my life. This didn’t happen in real life but instead, it was a dream; a bad dream! As I was wondering why I was doing in such a big empty room. It looked like a shop with the shape of it as a rectangle, with one side wall having it as glass with two doors in a symmetry. I was filled with people, I didn’t know anyone of them. All that I could hear was, “I need a team of people to come with me, who will join me”? As I stared at the glass, it appeared that outside was very pitch dark, no lights, nothing. But inside the room had lights, just not outside. Soon, I heard a bunch of banging on the glass, it wasn’t from us, and I couldn’t see who was out there. After a while, the Glass doors broke open, everyone screaming in fear, no one knowing what is happening. I was in shock about what is happening, I didn’t know. I blinked for just a second, now I’m in a school. It didn’t look like anything else but just a school. I was alone by my self, then I heard a noise! there was only a path of, forward or backwards and on the sides were the same thing. So, there it was, a class of people I also don’t know, it seemed as if the school was empty but there they were, people. There was a teacher and a couple of people that look like around my age ( 13 ). So I asked what is happening, they acted as if I wasn’t there. So, I asked them I’ll be with you guys, I don’t know where we are. And I followed there class. So then, the teacher said, lets go check outside if there is anything, remember to be quit outside there and watch out for anything. I was shocked about hearing what the teacher said, then we went outside. I remember seeing this girls face, she was scared and she was even staring at me. She was saying, ” Please protect me, I’m scared”, and so I told her, I will protect you, be near me to stay safe. Later on, there was these two kids screaming and be annoying, there was no other noise but only hearing them. Because of that happening, the teacher said, were going back inside the school! As we all go back there, I don’t even know why but we went up the stairs at least twice, there was one more stairs but the teacher stopped at the second stairs. Something was going on, now there is an L shaped path way! The teacher was talking to his class about what ever he was talking about and It just bothered me about what would be up the stairs or what could be on that L shaped Pathway. I told the teacher I was going up the stairs, even though I was leaving that one girl there, I went up the stairs anyways. Up and up I went, something is weird going around here! there is a bathroom right in front of me, and if you go forward, there was a room on the left, one on the right, and even one in the middle. The right room was shaking, and I had to go use the bathroom, so I went to the bathroom and locked it. I was scared, I heard a knock on my door. I was about to open that door, so as I hesitate about opening the door, I opened it. No one was there, and I went to go check downstairs. No one was there, not even a sound. There was no way this can be happening, I went back into the bathroom and heard that knocking again, a loud one this time. then I heard a voice from above me saying, “hey up here, give me your hand I can give you a boost up here. Without me noticing the roof having a door, the door next to me started knocking even louder! So I opened the roof door, and grabbed onto the persons hand. I was up high on the roof, we could almost fall off! As I got on the roof, the person tripped and fell into the mist. I panicked, and I couldn’t see him at all when he fell through the mist! As I tried to go down, I soon fell down too, but luckily I fell on the nearest building next to the school building. As I went down, there it was, dead bodies, ruined buildings. It was a disaster. What is going on here! I blinked once again, and there it was, outside somewhere else away from the school. I heard a noise, footsteps. As I kept walking forward through what looked to be a path, the footsteps got louder and it sounded as if someone was chasing after me! I ran and ran, scared about what is happening here, I have to keep running! Beep, Beep, Beep, I wake up being scared about what I have seen. This time I wasn’t sleeping, I was in my bed scared there, wondering if this was a dream, or even reality. I will never forget about this dream / Story , it will probably haunt me for life.

I personally think my self what was happening in my dream was, there was a class that were ghosts, and that’s probably why they weren’t talking to me that often. Including that a girl was asking for help, she was probably dead needing help. For the dead people, I believe it was the people that were originally the class members that died, and the reason why there was a mess.

Well That is it for today guys, Sorry if this scared you, remember that it is just a dream. I really don’t know what my brain is trying to tell me, and hopefully you enjoyed this, because right now I’m pretty scared from just telling you guys it. ( Me: sitting in a chair downstairs on a computer alone, Just why! )

Got any suggestions to tell me? Tell me them in the Comments. Anime List / Gaming List will be done later.


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