( Todays Topic, New things that will be added to my Blog and Anime Talk )

Its me again, back to talk to you guys the new features coming up this weekend/ Next weekend. I explained this yesterday on my last blog post, so I will be telling you it again anyways. If your into anime read from right here, If your not into anime, read a little bit down until you find the Gaming List information. So get hyped up today guys because I will be making a list of my Animes / Video Games that I really enjoyed and hopefully you would like it too. On my Anime list, there will be my reactions for what I think about the Anime or if it would be something I would watch again or even to not even watch it over ( Again ). Including if you would like, I would even create a list on what episode I am on and even make a list for the top 10 Animes that I like. There will be more implemented to the list, but I would really appreciate it if you guys would suggest ideas for me in the comments, I will give you a shout out if you do help me out! The Video Game List, I will be having my thoughts about the game and say If I either like the game or not, but most likely, if I hate the game, you may like it, or if I hate a game, you may like it, its all on your opinion if you do like it or not ( If that made sense). I would show you the website where you can play or see about it. Don’t worry about the Video Games List, I will be doing it later and not this early into the week or even next week. Now lets talk about Anime, I really don’t talk about it that often on my blogs, I would be adding videos to most of the shows, so you guys can know a little bit about it. I will try to keep it up with the Anime reviews, story telling, and even Video Gaming. I really like how my blog is going so far, so I will be doing allot of new things to the blog! Hint, Hint, I will be talking about Music, and possibly making a Music List!

Well that is it guys, have a good one and, Peace!

Got any Suggestions to Tell me? Tell me them in the comments, Thank You!

Like my picture? Its from the Anime Tokyo Ghoul, and good anime in my opinion.


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