( Todays Topic, Gone for today?! )

As you can see in the title, I’m gone for today. Don’t panic, I will be on Monday, and to repay you guys back, I will be creating an Anime / Video Games List later into the week , So all of guys can see and watch! For Animes, some of you ( The viewers), I will be putting effort into making a 13 and up anime and an Anime List for younger viewers to watch, but mostly this will be for a older audience. That’s not all guys, I will be putting down a list of Animes that I liked and disliked, including that I will be adding allot more to this! So If you are a gamer and you like to play all of the coolest games, then this is the right place for you! I will also be creating a Video Games list that will tell you if its good, OK, or even bad, because who hates having to play a Video Game you buy and then you start to hate it, I know that feeling guys. Well sorry for being gone for the day, its just that I have to hang out with my cousin and go to the Brewers Game, GO BREWERS!
Note: I Am writing this on the Date 9/13/2014 and including that I am to busy to write anything today, sorry to disappoint.

Well That is it for today guys, If you got any suggestions for My Anime/ Video Game List, tell me in the comments, have a good one and Peace Out!

1. Anime List will be added to the blog, but some parts of the Anime List will not be fully done.

2. The Video Games List and the Anime List will be added on separate days or even a separate week.

3. I will be adding Links To Every single Anime / Video Game on each of the Lists!

4. Please Be Patient with these. Peace!


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