( Todays Topic, Anime Review ) ( We Talk About, Sword Art Online )

Sorry guys, I didn’t get to talk about Anime in a while since my first post. So today I will be giving a review on the anime of, Sword Art Online ( Or SAO for short ).  WARNING, you must be at least mature enough to watch this show, at least be the age of 13 and up to watch it. Why is it interesting to watch, I don’t want to spoil the show for you but, its an anime where ten thousand people are stuck inside a virtual game called Sword Art Online. The main protagonist in the story, Kirito, or his real name  Kazuto Kirigaya, is one of the people that are stuck inside the game, and he and others inside sword art online cannot get out ( Like I said before). The Gm or the Game moderator, takes every single person into one place and tells everyone that they can not log out  if you noticed already and that, if you die in game, you will die in real life. If someone takes off your Helmet or the actual name Nerve Gear, you will be shocked to death. After all of that was said, some people started freaking out and even some killed there self’s by getting killed by monsters or even jumping out of the game. So what is a Helmet or what its called, Nerve Gear? Nerve Gear is a Helmet where you put on your head, and when you turn on the Nerve Gear, you cannot move in the real world and you also cannot hear and feel too. The only way to get out of the video game is either to “log out” of the game, but in Sword Art Online, you can’t log out. So why not wait untill the Nerve Gear runs out of power, but guess what, it has eternal battery life, which means, your stuck in there forever! So lets stop talking about the show, so here’s my Review, this anime is one of the best shows I have ever watched in my life, it was very funny, exciting, weird (some of the times ), and even sad. Overall I liked this anime and I even watched it even twice. Lastly before I go, this anime has 25 episodes and including that they just came up with the second season, SAO II.

Well that’s it for today, good day and peace out!

Got Any Suggestions? Tell me in the comments about what Animes you watch, or even tell me what it is about!

Sword Art Online Wesbite ( Note that this is a website that I use to watch Anime not there website ) : http://www.waoanime.tv/anime/sword-art-online/

Sword Art Online First Episode: http://www.waoanime.tv/sword-art-online-episode-1/


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