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Hey yo, its me back to talk to you guys about my Combat Arms Story. Year 2008, I was 8 years old and I didn’t know how to play the Video Game Combat Arms that well. My favorite GameMode Was Quarantine at the time and I played with two friends named Bruce and Nancy, who would play with me all the time on Combat arms. Most of the time they were busy with something which meant I had to play alone. In the game I keep running and running but the zombies would always infect me and I would have to play the most boring side of the team, “zombies”. One day that all changed when a group of people inside the game were Free Runners, and they were good at juking out zombies and killing them with ease. I was amazed and I thought I wanted to be like them, to run through obstacles, juke them out, and even kill the zombies. In Quarantine I would mainly just be in a corner with other people and just stay there, but they mostly get infected before we win the round. So I kept on watching and watching them run and chuck grenades at the zombies like they were notting still. Later they said onto the chat room, they were recruiting new Free Runners to there clan, so I tried to become a recruit. I told them I didn’t know how to Free Run and I mainly chose to be in teams and stay in one spot. Then they told me, fine you can join us, no one is joining anyways, and we can teach you to become as good as us, and thats where it all started. Later, I was invited to the clan then they told me, “hey you want to come practice with us”, then I accepted and said sure. After I joined there Game, they all did a bunch of tricks that I thought no one could do, but apparently they told me there was a bunch of them in the high ranking room, which made me think I was quite bad at the game. So they thought me the basics of one the game maps, how to run, how to get the best gear in the game that would make you faster, and how to kill zombies. After learning those, I was improving on just running away from zombies, instead of being in a team. I would keep juking zombies, but how do I kill them I asked the Leader of the clan, but he responded back to me, you have to figure it out your self. I tried to remember what they used in order to kill zombies, and then thats where it hit me, it was grenades! They made killing zombies look easy by just throwing grenades, I tried to doing the same, but already know I’m throwing a grenade at them, and they will just run away from me. The clan invited me to join them in a Quarantine Regen Game. It was so cool to see everyone in my clan coming to join all in one room, and everyone was fighting alone to survive, while I was just sitting in a corner as usual and shooting zombies, but then I died. Then the leader of the clan told me to watch him and to look carefully what he does, so I watched. He ran past the zombies, he threw his grenade where no one can see him, they walk in, Boom, most of them exploded, then he shot a rocket launcher it killed all of them, he won! Now I knew how to kill the zombies, even I didn’t noticed he threw a grenade, every zombie died and he won. I kept running and trying his technique, and eventually I got better and better, and I was even at one point, a professional runner. Now that you learned how to run, we want you to buy the snow camouflage vest, and look like us, the team leader said. I did what he said, but much much later, he got hacked and he stopped playing Combat Arms, but I still wear the snow Camouflage in honor of his Clan.

I hope you guys enjoyed my story. If you enjoyed it, give me a comment and a like, Peace Out!

Combat Arms website

Nexon Website


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