(Today’s Topic, What I Did Today )

Anime, Video Games, Stories? Well not today guys. I will be talking about what I did today! So today in the morning, it was raining cats and dogs out side, it was just right out ridiculous. I had to use an umbrella and walk my self to the school bus, but I still got wet outside anyways. Ha ha, I got wet outside how fun ( Sarcastically ), now I get onto the bus and wait until we get to school ( Simple enough ). Now I’m at school thinking about if I should go eat the school breakfast or think about if I should’ve ate at home, well to late for that. So I walk into my school lunch room and I ate, very small, hard to cut pancakes with maple syrup and milk. It doesn’t sound like it will fill you up, and yes you are correct. Don’t get me wrong, “some days” the school breakfast are very good, “some days”. So lets quit being so negative, now its class time, and I have to study for a test ( that I knew I aced ), and then I get told to get out my homework; bam there it is, all of my homework! I worked on my homework untill 9:30 PM and I was so tired yesterday. I remembered that I had to literately slap my face by using both of my hands and slapping it on the both my  face cheeks, just to stay up. So lets go back on topic about me having to study for a test. I didn’t at all have time to practice yesterday and now today the test, so many things distract me from actually studying, it was frustrating! Time for the test, said my teacher, and on my face was me being surprised that I didn’t get to study at all today or yesterday, I’m busted. After the quiz, the answers seemed easy to me and even I understood most of it. Watch me get a 1 out of 20 from it, because I’m bragging ( Hopefully not ). I went to the lunch room to eat lunch ( Yes to eat lunch in a lunch room ) and when I was done eating, I had to go sit down like the rest of the students from 6th grade to 8th graders in the gym. Two classmates in my class were busting it up with basketball against, the 7th and 6th graders, and even the assistant gym teacher! From them doing a “check” he passes the ball to his teammate and then he passes it back, he goes for the lay up, and he makes it! After they were braking some ankles and it was time for the 6th and 7th graders to leave, the gym teacher said, 6th graders to go up to there rooms, then the 7th graders, then lastly us, the 8th graders. It was all boring after wards, learning and all that. Its just to much work. After school was done, and now I am at my house, I had to finish math, literature, health, and even my blog. Woops did I just mention a blog being done? Well I’m not done yet, bummer. 

Well now I am done, Peace Out!

Like what I write? Why not tell me about you did today in the comments!

Oh yeah forgot to mention, the people playing basketball, they both have there own Blogs, why not go check them out!

The Baller, Jeremiah: http://0205jeremiahg.wordpress.com/

The Baller, Joseph: http://0205josephm.wordpress.com/

Go and check out there blogs, and tell them I sent you.


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