( Todays Topic, Video Games ) ( I Talk About, Roblox )

Look whats on the internet, look its a block, no its a game, no wait its not just a game, its Roblox! Roblox, a game where you can play all the games you ever wanted, all in one Video Game, well kind of. A game where you can play for free ( Which is down onto the bottom of this post) and even have fun. So what is Roblox? Roblox is a game where you can choose a player build game room and each game will either have different types of styles such as, a shooting game, a role playing game, a parkour game ( Where you have to go over obstacles), and etc, but you get the point. Well now I can’t really tell you about what you can do in it since I just told you every game room has there own style of games, let me tell you why I like to play Roblox! For me I really liked to play the shooting games and I would dominate all the time, until someone as good as me would shoot me! To be honest, that’s what makes the game fun for me, I fight the easiest people on there, until I find the best shooter in the game, since people aren’t really that challenging to me in the game. Another game I liked in Roblox is, the random event game. Its a game where every “round” will make you have to do accomplish something in a minute, or else you lose and you won’t get any points. If you get points in the game, you can unlock items that you can use against your opponents and win even more points! Before I go guys, let me tell you why I am telling you guys about Roblox! If I ever get bored and I play alone on Roblox, I would ask (or she would ask), if you want to play Roblox. Then I won’t get bored of playing Roblox.

That is it for today guys and, Peace Out!

Got any Suggestions to tell me? Tell me them Onto the comments!

The Roblox game site: http://www.roblox.com

If You Want To Just Play The Games With Out An Account: http://www.roblox.com/games/?SortFilter=default&TimeFilter=0&GenreFilter=1

The Person that plays roblox with me also has a Blog, Go Check her website: http://0207kaitlinw.wordpress.com/


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