( Today We Talk About, Stories) ( I Talk About, The Story Of MinecraftsJR ( Me) )

Hey there guys, I am here to talk bout a story about me, and I hope you guys like it. Before I talk about my story here, I would want to also create this blog about me or other peoples stories of there selfs. One day my cousin came over to my house, I saw him play a video game named Minecraft on his laptop. I didn’t know what the game was about or what you do in it any ways. My cousins Minecraft account was named, MinecraftsLord. I really thought that his name was very cool, and soon, i wanted to play Minecraft. So I asked my cousin if I could use his account to play minecraft, and he said sure. So for the past hour of him showing me how to play the game, I was a total newbie, just like anyone else would when you first start playing Minecraft. So my cousin is gone back to his place, and I still played Minecraft on his account nonstop. I learned all of the basics of playing Minecraft and I created allot of things that I really liked but then I found out there was Multiplayer. As soon as I was on multiplayer, everything changed; there was a more bigger, better building than mines, creations that were way more advanced than mines, smarter people than me, and including there was many types of styles they used. It made me think I was a bad Minecraft player, but I had to remember I was on my cousins account and I shouldn’t make any kinds of posts on it. But yet I did talk to other people on the multiplayer, and it was fun talking to them anyways. I can remember me building all sorts of cool stuff on my single player server, now I can create them on this server, and so I did.  After recreating things and even creating new things, it was so much fun. Later into the year 2012, my cousin bought me a Minecraft account, I was so happy when he told me, and then asked me, what should you name your Minecraft charachter. It was to fast for me to think about it, so I waited for at least 4 days to come up with a name. I thought I should have the name of minecraftsKing or something like that, but I knew it sounded to similar to his account. I wanted to create an account similar to his but a little bit different. I thought I should put part of my name inside there, and I thought, why not MinecraftsJR. Part of my name is Jr and since his first part of his Minecraft name was Minecrafts, I came up with MinecraftsJR. Then with one click of a button, MinecraftsJR was brought into the game. With the experiences of MinecraftsLord, now I can enjoy those memories with MinecraftsJR.

Well that is all for today folks, see you later guys , and peace out!

Enjoy my Stories and want to hear more of it, Post it onto the comments!

Minecraft Website: http://www.Minecraft.net

The Mutliplayer server where you can find me at : Play.wrathpvp.com ( This is an IP not a website)

The Multiplayer server’s Website : http://www.Wrathpvp.com


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