( Todays Topic, Video Games) ( I Talk About, Minecraft 1.8 Update)

Oh my goodness guys I just noticed the 1.8 Minecraft update is here! A very big update in the game, and now it seems like a brand new game to me. What I like that they did in the game is that they added new items, and new Mobs ( Monsters or Neutral Creatures). First thing I would like to talk about is the sheep, rabbit, and the new sea creatures. People suggested this for a long time, even since the game has even started, sheep now give you meat ( Mutton in game ). Its not such a big deal that sheep give you meat now, but I’m glad they added this to the game anyways. The rabbit, a new Mob in game, and also including that you can tame it, it would be cool having a rabbit on a leash and carrying it around with you! The new sea creatures, you could find them in the ocean biome, but be careful, they can attack you at any time, and including there is a new Minecraft boss in town! This new boss can also be found in the same place where you can find the new sea creatures at. The boss can do many things to you, it can shock you, and even appear in your face, even when your far away. Now lets talk about other things besides the mobs. I really liked how they put in new items into the game such banners, heads, prismarine blocks, and even the new building blocks. I know that heads is inside the list, and it was added last update but, now you can get them without cheating. I believe having banners is a cool way to show people who you are, including that it looks cool anyways. The new building blocks, now you can build some of the building blocks and even find them all in a new world ( 1.8 World ). There is allot more items I could say but, I like to keep my blog nice and small.

The Minecraft Website: http://www.minecraft.net

Well Thats all for today guys, have a good one and, Peace out !

Got any suggestions? Tell me them in the comments.


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