( Todays Topic , Video Games ) ( Video Games Again? )

Hello once again, its me Mark here to talk to you about another game that deserves to be mentioned! Today’s game being mentioned is; Minecraft! Minecraft, a computer video game that you have to buy in order to play it ( the official website http://www.minecraft.net ). Dig, build, survive, the three things you need to do in order to play Minecraft. Think of Minecraft as if it was real life, but with out any technology to help you, and including there is literately no logic. What do you do in game? You can do anything that you want, and that’s what makes the game so fun. Either you want gather supplies in order to survive, or you can thrive into creative mode and become the god of your own world, where in “creative”, you cannot die and you can achieve anything you want inside the game. So lets talk about Minecraft, why is it so fun for me? I like to survive throughout day and night with my self, gathering everything that I need in order to fight many things, seeing new stuff happening, and even learning a little bit about the game. Something that I would like to say is that, I really like the multiplayer feature as well; you get to play with real people instead of gaming by your self. For me, multiplayer is a fun way to not get so bored, including that you can survive with others, or that you can hack and slash down your opponents with a sword, and you could still have fun. I know there is allot more about Minecraft that I could be talking about but, if you don’t understand that well about what I am talking about and that I’m just writing a bunch of weird words that doesn’t make sense to you, try to watch people play minecraft on youtube ( At http://www.Youtube.com ) and you could see what other people do in there own Minecraft world.

Peace out and, goodbye!

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