( Todays Topic Is, Combat Arms) (What Do We Talk About, Weapons/Gear)

Hello once again, its me Mark here to talk to you about Combat Arms ( again ). If you guys are interested in combat arms, and want to see me play, I could try to record my self playing it, and show it to you guys. So lets talk about Combat Arms weapons. Some of the guns In the game are quite over powered but yet some guns are just right. Most of the over powered guns that you can get from Combat arms is by buying them, with real money. If you already know about Combat Arms, then let me talk to you guys about how much I liked to see Combat Arms, update every gun in the game, so you can buy them in the shop, with out actually paying any real life money, good job on your part Nexon ( The Company name that owns Combat arms). There are also some things that I got very frustrated about, that Combat Arms got rid of; the Tracker Knife and the Recon Vest. In game, I don’t really want to use the tracker knife, but since it is gone, it has gotten me angry that they did get rid of it in the shop! The Recon Vest, I have the Vest for Permanent ( keep it forever) , but I can imagine other people to say, hey how come you got this item, and also other players saying, it would be a disadvantage for all of us now since they removed the recon vest ( The Recon Vest gives you 15 + speed and 10 – Protection). There goes those two items, that I really liked in game.

Combat Arms Website: http://combatarms.nexon.net/

Nexon’s Website: http://www.nexon.net/

Want to watch a youtuber that talks about Combat arms, here is what he does, update reviews, new guns/ guns review,  top 10’s videos, and even gameplay of him and other people! His Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/undercoverdudes

That is it for today guys, have a good one, and Peace Out !

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