(New Post, New Topic) (Todays Topic, Video Games)

Hello out there, I’m back to write another blog post! I’m still new to blogging, so that means I wont be able to write that good like other bloggers out there, so why not start out this blog with a video game. Today’s video game mention is, Combat Arms. What is Combat Arms? Combat Arms is a FPS ( First Person Shooter) Free to play game, which means you don’t have to pay any money in order to play it. Okay so what about this video game, what can you do in it? Either you would want to play in teams or either be alone to fight others, you start out with the rank of “Training”, the lowest rank in the game. You’ll have to start out with a regular grenade, a m16a3 gun, and your m92fs pistol. Every time you rank up, you will get a new rank ( Simple enough ), including that you can purchase new guns , new knifes, and new grenades almost every rank up. But what really makes this game fun? There is many “modes” to choose from, Elimination, Elimination Pro, One Man Army, and Quarantine Regen ( There is more in the game but to much to talk about all in one blog post). Elimination, the objective of the game is to shoot down your Enemy team, and try to win by getting to the most kills first. Elimination Pro, similar to Elimination, you also have to shoot down your enemies, but once you die in the game, you’re done for the round. In it, there is “rounds” that you can choose from 3-5 rounds. What are rounds? Rounds, are ended once everyone dies in one team, then they reset into another round. It gets very intense when you play this mode ( Some of the time), if you really like this game and want to play this “mode” professionally with other teams, you can create what is called a “Clan”, and level up your “clan”, in order to get better items in the game for not only you, but also to your entire Team mates. One Man Army, again another “mode” similar to Elimination, but this time you shoot, hide, and kill alone. No one is on your team, and if you tried to be teams with others, you can get shot down accidentally from the person trying to help you. You need to get 15-30 kills in order to win ( If someone changes the rules of the game, the amount of kills will be chosen to win) and you get unlimited life’s until you or someone else wins. A personal favorite of mine, Quarantine Regen. What is Quarantine Regen, you may ask, well let my tell you. You can trust no one, and anyone can turn into a zombie at any time. What turn into a zombie at any time? In the beginning of the “round”, You only get 30 seconds until someone turns into a zombie. Remember that you will be playing with real people, and you can’t trust anyone ( Well In the first 30 seconds that is), and you will need to survive from getting “infected”. Zombies will be able to turn you into one of them, by just one hit from them. Like I said Quarantine Regen is one of my favorite modes.what other people do in the game is that they like to Freerun ( Running away from zombies by going through obstacles to trick them out), or just to stay in one spot and team with others. Fighting together is the best choice if you want you survive. If you wonder which of the two I would do in Quarantine, It would be to “Freerun” .

So that’s all for tonight, have a good one, Peace out.
Got any Suggestions to tell me about? Post it Onto the questions, Thank you. 


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